Introduction To Wistia
Wistia is our video hosting provider and where you'll directly upload your course videos. There are a few features within Wisita that will allow you to enhance the learning and user experience of your course. It's also useful to know the best video export settings for Wistia.

Video Export Settings

Your video should be recorded and published in HD, 720p or 1080p with 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1280×720px or 1920x1080px. For further details of publishing requirements see Wistia help for export settings.

Useful Wistia Features

There are many Wistia Player features such as captions, which we order for every video on The Dojo to improve accessibly and SEO. However, here are 2 timeline actions for you to consider designing into your lessons:

Call To Action

A Call To Action is a clickable message, image, or HTML script that appears at a chosen timepoint in your video, and it lets your learners know what you want them to do next. It effectively pauses your video until the learner takes the action or clicks skip.
You can find out more about Call To Action on Wistia support pages.
Annotation links are a way to notify your learners of something without interrupting the video. You can add an annotation link anywhere on a video timeline and it can appear for a chosen duration. When added, the annotation will appear in the upper right corner of you video. Note: you don't need to add a URL link, it can just be a message.
You can find out more about Annotation Links on Wistia support pages.
Last modified 2yr ago