Introduction To The Dojo
The Dojo is the learning arm of the Ministry of Testing website. It contains all our software testing learning content including articles, podcasts, TestBash conference talks, Masterclass webinars and, of course, online courses.
Online courses on The Dojo have a very simple structure consisting of a series of video lessons (note: there are no such thing as modules on The Dojo). You can view the structure and features of a course series below:
Course structure and features
Individual video lessons are complimented by lesson resources that support learners. Lesson resources can be links to websites, files and links to The Club forum where learners can complete forum activities or get support from their instructor and peers. You can see the features of video lessons below:
Lesson layout and features
COMING IN 2019: Individual course series will be grouped into "Learning Pathways" that will contain different types of learning content on The Dojo based in the same topic e.g. API Testing Pathway.
Last modified 2yr ago
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