Introduction To The Club
The Club is our forum where software testers in our community can ask questions, get questions answered and have deep discussions about all things testing!
Every course instructor gets their own subcategory in the MoT Pro Members category of The Club dedicated to their course. This course subcategory area can be used to
  • get feedback from learners on your course
  • allow learners to ask questions about the course content
  • set activities to allow learners to put their learning into action and discuss their thoughts and findings with one another.
Example course subcategory on The Club
It is always a good idea to create a welcome message for your learners in your course subcategory to let them know what they can achieve by contributing to the conversations there.
Example welcome message to a course subcategory on The Club
The Club is an excellent place for learners to share their findings and thoughts on activities set in courses. Sharing among learners is key to enhance learning as it takes advantage of the collective wisdom of the community.
Example activity (NB: Club activities can be a reflection task, a scenario based task, a simple open question... endless options!)
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