Instructor Process

Process Steps

  • Choose a course topic
  • Create a course map
  • Seek feedback on your course map from the Dojo Team
  • Review and sign an instructor agreement
  • Create lesson learning outcomes and lesson plans
  • Create storyboard/slide deck for your course
  • Create a script
  • Create supporting learning materials
  • Develop your area of The Club
  • Record videos
  • Edit videos
  • Publish videos and add them to Wistia
  • Seek feedback on videos from the Dojo Team
  • Make recommended amendments to videos
  • Finalise course and lesson descriptions to accompany your videos
  • Content goes live on the Dojo!
  • Promote your materials on social media
  • Answer questions and support learning on The Club
  • Seek feedback from learners to improve your course
  • Receive royalties for all the views your awesome course gets!

Instructor Agreement Summary

The Instructor Agreement is a contract that will be drawn up between you and MoT upon approval of your Course Map. Here is a brief summary of the Instructor Agreement we currently offer instructors:
Ministry of Testing will support you with creating online video courses for The Dojo by providing simple to follow guides, online one-to-one meetings with MoT staff and online support through Slack whenever needed. You’ll get instructor swag, a mic, a webcam and Screencast-O-Matic license, if required.
You’ll remain the copyright owner of all your materials and we will license the video course from you and sublicense it to our users. It’s up to whether you do this exclusively or non-exclusively to The Dojo i.e. put your online course elsewhere on the internet or not. For an exclusive license, we will offer a revenue share of 50% of the total subscription fee revenue earned by MoT in a given quarter based on the total number of complete minutes watched of your video course content against all video content. If choose a non-exclusive license, so you can put your online video course on other online platforms, the revenue share on offer goes to 20%. The agreement is for 3 years, which can be extended if everyone is happy and the content is still relevant. MoT or you can terminate the contract at any time, both will require 30 day’s notice.
Last modified 2yr ago