The Dojo is the learning arm of Ministry of Testing's site containing a catalog of software testing learning resources including article, podcasts, TestBash talks and, of course, courses!
The Club is Ministry of Testing's forum where the MoT members have discussions about all the things MoT. There's also a private area of The Club for Pro members that includes a section dedicated to Dojo courses.
Course Map is the blueprint for your whole course where you plan what content will be covered, work out your lesson order and what prior knowledge your learners may need.
Lesson Plan is your plan for teaching individual lessons where you create learning objectives and work out how you will teach your objectives, what resources you need and what your learners will do.
Learning Objectives are specific and measurable statements that describe what knowledge or skills learning should acquire by the end of a lesson.
Lesson Resources are resources that learners need to complete the lesson, each lesson on The Dojo has a Lesson Resources area and these can be any type of file as well as web links.
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