These are the questions we get asked the most by instructors... if the answers to your questions are here contact The Dojo Team.

What topic shall I create my course on?

That's a tough question, it depends on your area of expertise, current courses available on The Dojo and learning want/need in the community. Your first port of call should be to follow the guidance in "Choose Your Course Topic" section of this guide and then discuss your thoughts and findings with The Dojo Team.

Do I have to use MoT's planning templates?

Yes. In our experience, it is much easier for The Dojo team to support you in designing your course and offer useful feedback if you use our templates. We've created a course map and lesson plan template to aid you in designing your course and lesson. The Dojo Team will help you complete course maps and lesson plans, you're not alone, we're here to help.

How many lessons should I have in my course

Learners prefer shorter courses as they get quick satisfaction from completing them and feel more motivated to start them in the first place. We recommend you should aim for your course to be no more than 15 videos long. Struggling to make it shorter? Perhaps try breaking your course down into more courses.

How long should my videos be?

Learners prefer short videos of anything between 5-18 minutes long. Learners like to be able to fit a course around their schedule and may watch lessons during their breaks, 5-18 minutes fits in with this. Struggling to make a lesson short? Perhaps try breaking that lesson down into more lessons.

What setting should I use to record and publish my videos?

Your videos should be recorded and published in HD, 720p or 1080p with 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1280×720px or 1920x1080px. We host our videos on Wistia, for further details of publishing requirements see Wistia help for export settings.

Are there any slide templates I have to use?

No, we don't have templates. However, we do have hints and tips on creating clean and clear slides in Step 3: Create Course Content - Make Online Learning Videos section of this guide. If you'd like to use the Ministry of Testing logo in your materials, you can download it from our Press Kit.

Can I add images from the internet to my course?

Sometimes. It's important to know that referencing where you got an image from might not always be enough to prevent copyright infringement; Fair Dealings, Fair Use and equivalents are not going to be an applicable defence. You have to contact the owner of the copyright for the image in question and ask permission, telling them how it would be used. Alternatives to this are:
  • Using your own images,
  • Buying stock images from somewhere like Shutterstock,
  • Use free-to-use images that have an attribution license by creative commons. Creative Commons have a search feature that lets you search different databases for images matching the appropriate licence type.
  • We can also create bespoke artwork for your course, contact The Dojo Team for more information.

Do I have to use The Club?

Yes, this is part of your instructor agreement. You are expected to support learners by answering their questions in your own area of The Club. You should also consider creating a welcome message and some forum activities there as part of your course.

What is the instructor agreement?

This is the agreement that you will receive once your course map has been reviewed and approved by The Dojo Team. It outlines the duties, responsibilities and terms that both you and MoT and you agree to during the creation and sub-licensing of your course. You can find a summary the Instructor Agreement in this guide.

How much do course instructors get paid?

It depends, we offer instructors a revenue share of the total subscription fee revenue earned by MoT in a given quarter based on the total number of complete minutes watched of an instructor's video course content against all video content. The percentage of the revenue share on offer varies between 20%-50% depending on whether the video content is exclusive to The Dojo or not.
However, it's reasonable for an instructor to earn £400-£500 per quarter for exclusive course content that is popular with learners.
Last modified 2yr ago