Unpack Your Lessons
From your course map, you’ve worked out your lesson flow, your lesson goals and if any prior knowledge is required for each lesson. You now need to unpack your lessons further by using your preferred brainstorming method, for example you could create mind maps, rico clusters, concept maps or lists.
To begin, start with your first lesson goal and write out all the things you’d like to cover in that lesson. Next, consider the order in which you think things should be taught, what the key learning points are that you’d like to emphasise, and of any handy resources you know of that you’d like to share. Repeat this process for all your lessons
You should also do some online research around each lesson and their key learning points; can you add anymore information to your brainstorm? Have you found any other useful resources to share with learners? Has your research inspired any ideas on how you could deliver your lesson or any activity ideas? If yes, jot down your ideas. If not, don’t worry! We’re about to cover how to design learning outcomes, and creating these makes the rest of your lesson planning fall into place! They’re magic!
Last modified 2yr ago
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