That's A Wrap!

You Did it!

Congratulations on making an online learning course! It’s a worthwhile undertaking, but it’s a lot of hard work, particularly the first few times making courses. But before long you will be knocking up awesome courses with little effort. You’ll need the support of these guides less and less! And for the occasion you feel ready to go it alone, we’ve created a checklist of things that are essential and that we recommend you do to get your content on The Dojo.
When you’re happy with your videos and learner resources, contact The Dojo team and they will provide you with:
  • A link to Wistia for you to upload your videos.
  • A link to a Google Drive folder for you to upload your learner resources.
We’ll then do the work required to get your course live, keeping you up-to-date at all times.

Get The Word Out

Once we’ve put your course live it’s time to get the word out! You’ve worked hard on your course and done a lot of the marketing work by creating awesome titles and descriptions, but there’s more you can do to draw people to your course… promote it on social media! We will, of course, promote your course through all our social media channels and sing its praises as loudly as we can. However, it’s more personal, authentic and enticing to hear about your course from you! In particular, consider promoting your course on:
Make your message personal and enthusiastic, and use all the relevant hashtags you can think of!

The Extra Mile

Throughout this guide you have been following the ADDIE model to develop your online course. When your course is up on the Dojo you’ll have covered all steps with the exception of the final, and what we’re considering the extra step; Evaluation.
Despite Evaluation being the final step in the ADDIE model, it should really be considered as the starting point for the next iteration of your course. In this step you can choose to evaluate whether:
  • You met the course goals you set out at the start.
  • Your learners have and additional learning needs or requirements.
  • You need to change any materials or resources
  • You should consider changing any teaching methods used.
Here are three methods you could use to evaluate your course:
  1. 1.
    Self-reflection: What are your thoughts and feeling about your course and course content? What went well and what do you think you could do better next time?
  2. 2.
    Data analytics: You can request some data analytics on your course from us. Are learners completing your course? Are learners watching your videos all the way through? Are learners completing your activities?
Learner feedback. Find out what your learners think using surveys using free tools such as Google forms or similar. Create specific questions, but also encourage learners to give feedback in a free text box so that you are aware of any gaps you may not have thought of.
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