Create Learner Resources
It’s time to create the learner resources that you designed and planned for in the Lesson Design stage. This should include any files or links to resources that supports your learners to complete your lesson and any lesson activities. These resources and links can be added to the Lesson Resources area of your course.
The Dojo supports all file types as well as URL links to websites and these will be made available to learners in the ‘Lesson Resources’ area of your course.
Some of the aforementioned tips and principles for making video content are also relevant for learner resource creation:
  • Keep it casual: people learn more deeply from a conversation style than a formal style of written word.
  • Remove anything extraneous: Don’t include any material that doesn’t need to be lesson resources as it can distract learners e.g aesthetic images that don’t add further meaning.
  • Highlight important things: Use cues to highlight main ideas and to organise materials e.g. Use headings, embolden keywords, bullet points.
Last modified 3yr ago
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