Get Feedback On Your Map
Whoop! Well done on completing your course map! But we want to be sure we have solid foundations and good lesson flow before we start designing lessons and creating content. Now is a very fluid time for your course, nothing is concrete and it’s a good idea to get some feedback. Find a testing buddy in your field and get their insights, be sure to ask some specific questions to make sure you get useful feedback, such as:
  • Do the lessons flow well?
  • Are there any knowledge gaps in the course?
  • Are the titles clear enough?
  • Is course description enticing?
  • Do the course goals suit the target learner? etc.
In addition, if possible, get some feedback from potential target learners, to see if you’re hitting the right marks. Again, try asking them some specific questions about your course map.
Finally, once you’re happy, share your course map with the Dojo Team; they are pretty awesome at supporting course instructors in creating the best course possible for their audience.
Last modified 2yr ago
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