Begin Your Course Map
Now you’ve got some rock solid foundations by identifying your target learners, your course goals and pre requisite knowledge; you can begin to fill in your own course map by downloading and using our Course Map Template.
To get started, we’ll look at making sure you can attract the right learners to your course. To do this you need an attention grabbing title and to develop an interesting, succinct course description.

Create An Awesome Title

Your course will need to have a clear, specific and attention grabbing title. It may seem like a good idea to just write something generic with the thought that it’ll appeal to many learners but learners ain’t got no time for that. They usually click on and start a course because they want to develop a specific skills or solve specific problems, therefore the more specific you are in your title, the more likely you are to reach your target learners.
Here are some example titles being developed to be awesome:

Write A Clear Course Description

Along with a great title you need to write a brief course description to attract the right learners. It’s the space to sell your course, so you need to be enthusiastic about how great your course is and how awesome it’s going to make the lives of your learners… now is not the time to be humble! Using informal, ‘chat-like’ language goes a long way to making your course seem interesting and that you’re a likable and engaging instructor.
Your description should be succinct and cover:
  • Who your audience is.
  • Your course goals.
  • What prerequisites there are (if any).
  • An outline of the content that will be covered.
  • How your course will benefit your target learners now and in the future.
Your top title and clear course description can be added to your course map.
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